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We’ve developed a management tool that helps you to accurately and easily capture skills
that exist within your team, identify skills gaps and implement priority based training.

ability6® helps to improve the capability of the brands we all love

ability6® has successfully helped to facilitate over 3,000,000+ skills assessments

Capture, rate, review, target, repeat…

within minutes you can generate a full view of your team’s proficiency, identify skills gaps and produce a priority based training plan.


Capture core information in relation to your teams, activities and workforce.


Rate the proficiency level using the detailed ability® methodology which helps to eliminate subjectiveness.


Utilise the proprietary ability® algorithm to intuitively sort the matrix by training priority and set specific ‘by when’ targets at both individual and process level.


Visually review the team skills matrix, track improvements and implement continuous training improvements.

Workforce training, development and education should be a priority…
and here’s why!

The costs are hard to ignore.  Here are some facts that will make you re-prioritise your employee training and development efforts.

We can help you to pinpoint essential training needs for your organisation

$100 Million
early cost of replacing workforce members that decide to leave within a major organisation.

The Harvard Business Review conducted research on why people leave organisations. One of the fundamental reasons outlined a lack of training and development. It established that Credit Suisse saved up to $100 million in retaining staff, than having to replace them.


8.6% +
Improvement in productivity from a 10% investment in training.

A study conducted by the National Centre on the Educational Quality of the Workforce (EQW) concluded that on average, a 10% increase in workforce education level led to an +8.6% gain in total productivity.


Learning & Development!
Means more to employees than earnings!

Hays Recruitment conducted detailed research and established that employees today put ‘Learning and Development’ above monetary remuneration (e.g. salary/wage). They determined that second to this was ‘a clear path of progression’. The ability6® solution offers a clear roadmap to both.


higher gross profit margin

HR Magazine (Vol. 46) outlined that companies investing on average $1,500 per year in training, gained a +24% higher gross profit margin!


$13.5 Million
Cost of ineffective training per 1000 employees

Grovo, a New York City-based technology company, estimate that ineffective training costs an organisation $13.5 million per 1000 employees, per year. We’ll help you to accurately identify the areas of your business that require focused training.

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Feedback we’ve received

We are in a new era forging a world heavily integrated with technology and the abundance of software solutions available. Finding an ideal match based on our company needs was challenging and limited, until we came across ability6®. It was absolutely amazing to find a partner that understood and met our needs; and has a positive attitude to learn more and enhance their solutions based on customer needs. ability6® created an added feature to their software based on our needs and helped us create a value based partnership. The team is highly proactive, delivers on said time, and are always ready to answer our million questions. It continues to be our pleasure to work with them.

Anjali PatelTechnoform Group, Ohio, USA

The ability6® platform is unique in its ability to map the right talent to the right work. Generating insight on skills and capabilities is something that businesses talk about, but rarely measure. ability6® is the first platform I have seen that enables organisations to map their working processes, and cross reference this with their talent, to generate meaningful workforce insights and improve business performance.

Tom QuayleShowing-Up Ltd, London, UK

Preferred Results has focused heavily on the management of Human Capital across a broad set or organisations. Today, the ability6® Skills and Competency framework forms an integral part of the tool kit that Preferred Results utilises in its approach to change implementation projects. We use this powerful software with its task/process level recording features, capability targets and visual matrices as a starting point to any organisation restructuring or performance improvement assignment, to conduct the Current Situation Analysis, identify skills gaps across functions and processes, and develop sustainable solutions together with the Client.

Alisha O’HanlonPreferred Results, Ireland

The ability6® platform enables organisations to map talent directly to the tasks and process with which it undertakes. The real-time analytics provide individuals, team leaders, department heads and senior management the insights they need in relation to the proficiency of their staff, proving a current view of skills gaps. Being able to accurately identify where all the skill resides in your company at any time is a powerful thing! ability6® delivers this!

Philip QuirkPro-Noctis Ltd, London, UK

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