The Isle of Man is a leading international business centre renowned for its innovation, professionalism and long-standing policy of positive engagement with international initiatives and standards. We’re very proud to be operating out of the Isle of Man and here are just a couple of the reasons why.


There is simply no shortage of it… With some of the world’s leading financial and software companies based in the Isle of Man, it is rich with talent, expertise and experience.


The Island boasts a first-class technology infrastructure, including a world-class telecommunications infrastructure. With two self-healing fibre rings, 1.2 terabits capacity (at <0.05% utilisation) and a self-sufficient power supply supported by two contingent power sources. A truly robust environment in which to grow and flourish without the fear of downtime or interruption.

Global Reach

With close to twenty flight routes and three ferry routes, the Isle of Man is well connected with the rest of the world.


The Isle of Man offers an excellent quality of life. Residents enjoy relatively short commuting times, low personal taxes and one of the lowest crime rates in the British Isles making it an ideal place for families and for those seeking a safe environment in which to live and work.

The Island also prides itself on being a caring society and offers excellent standards in both health care and education.


The Island has stood the test of time, with its legislature dating back over 1,000 years (yes you did read that right!). With an open-door policy and a truly forward-thinking government.  The Island is able to attract some of the world’s largest and innovative organisations and people!

It shows strength in many areas, such as global finance, e-commerce and space as well as more traditional industries such as agriculture.

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