The ability6® Training Module

The training module built into ability6® allows you to capture both the internal and external training requirements within your organisation.

You can log and monitor all training needs, the success rates, costs, recertification periods, absenteeism for training and much more.

Defining Internal and External Training Courses

Here you can list all of your internal and external training courses.  You can assign them to your workforce members and define those courses which are mandatory.  You can then run reports to show how much time and money you spend investing in your people, along with information in relation to the success rates of your training programmes.

The initial view will outline courses already defined.

Internal and External Training Screenshot

You can edit courses at any time. You can only delete courses when there are no courses actively assigned to your members of staff.

To add new courses please selected ‘Add New’ and complete the options presented.

Internal and External Training Log Module in ability6

Training Insights

This report outlines the training efforts underway or completed within your organisation.  It shows the split of internal/external training initiatives and courses, along with the monetary and resource costs to implement.  Additionally, you are able to identify success and failure rates.

Training Insights Module within ability6®

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