At ability6®, we measure our success not only by seeing our customers happy and satisfied but also by how we operate in the community and environment.  We embed being green directly into our core values. We are committed to reducing and where possible, eliminating any negative environmental impact whilst at the same time benefiting the communities we live and operate in.

100% renewable energy

ability6® supports the development of clean energy projects by committing to use 100% renewable electricity within our data centres.

Digital Interactions

We issue no paper-based contracts, invoices, brochures. We believe the balance between customer centricity and convenience is simply to provide digital literature.

No more traditional paper-based competency frameworks

ability6® is helping companies big and small to eliminate the need for paper-based, inefficient competency frameworks.

Recycling waste

As a team, we actively ensure our recyclable waste is separated from our normal waste.

Working from home / Telecommuting

We support our staff, should they choose to work from home. This has many benefits from a better work-life balance, through to reduced vehicle usage, reduced energy utilisation in our office and beyond.

Natural light

It may sound small; however, the use of natural light in your office can have a significant reduction in your carbon footprint (and electricity bills).

To be a truly 100% sustainable company doesn’t happen overnight.
It’s a journey, and we’re on the way.

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