When it comes to who we are and what we stand for, we’re immediately drawn to what that means for us and as a group of individuals.  We believe the only way to grow as an organisation is to provide a consistently relevant product, at a fair price. Through building relationships based on honesty, hard work and the occasional bit of fun. We’ve thought long and hard about our core purpose and values and openly shared them with you below.

Core Purpose

“Enabling Capability to Improve Team Performance”

Core Values

Fair, Transparent Pricing

Develop and deliver a cost-effective, efficient and secure cloud-based competency framework solution that aims to meet the ongoing demands of today’s businesses, regardless of sector (industry) or size.

Deliver value.

Develop a system that delivers precise, tangible benefits to all related stakeholders. In all instances, our aim will be to deliver benefits that significantly outweigh the cost of doing business with ability6®.

Collectively we are all better.

Create an environment and platform whereby organisations from around the world share focused ideas (directly or otherwise) in order to enrich the ability6® solution, returning greater value for our customers.

It has to be about people.

We believe that improved capability leads to the development of people both professionally and from a personal perspective.

Education. Knowledge-Sharing.

To provide online material that educates a global network of professionals in relation to the use of a competency framework.

Utilising technology and looking after our planet should go hand in hand.

To always look for ways in which technology can not only improve the customer experience but also reduce our carbon footprint.

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