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Creating a detailed team, function or company structure charts has never been easier. With ability6® you can create simple or comprehensive charts in just one click.

Print, or export to PDF or Excel with ease. Alternatively launch full screen mode to appreciate the true depth of this reporting feature.

As well as real-time reporting, you can update employee records temporarily in order to execute ‘scenario’ based structures, thus visually outlining the effects of workforce remodelling or staff structure changes.

Company Structure Charts
Report at a team or department level. Produce a report for the entire company or one single team – you are in control.
Choose the type of information that you want to display, from basic information such as Job Title, through to the individual capability of the individual.
Export the report to PDF, Printer or even Excel. Additionally you can email the report to an individual or a pre-defined group.
Expand the structure chart using 1-click interactions.

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