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Introducing the Skills Matrix & Capacity Planner by ability6® (how it works, what it looks like).

Learn how to populate your ability6® account and generate your skills matrix and capacity planner.  Learn how skills capability has a direct impact on team capacity.

ability6® Enabling Genuine Collective Capability | Team Engagement Through Upskilling.

ability6® is a skills matrix platform that enables team leaders and people managers to record, track and develop the skills within their teams. Using the skills matrix, you can easily identify skills gaps and effectively sort the matrix to understand and address critical training needs first.

ability6® | We can help you to improve organisational capability

ability6® is a skills matrix SaaS platform that enables you to capture workforce capability and visually identify areas of capability weakness within your organisation.

Competency Framework & Skills Matrix

The only HR, skills matrix and progression platform you’ll need in order to develop your staff, delight your customers and increase company capacity.

Company Structure & Hierarchy Software

Need a structure chart that reflect the real-time position of your workforce? We’ve got you covered. Create instant company structure charts with ability6®.

Workforce Skills Audit

You value your staff. Make them feel valued by investing in the ability6® appraisal platform. An investment in your staff is priceless!

Workforce Database

Your workforce, their department, proficiency and responsible tasks, all in one secure cloud based application.

Talent Search

Finding the right talent needn’t be a chore. With ability6® you can find the right person for the job in seconds.

Quality Control

Need a simple to use and highly effective quality control system; with integrated business intelligence?  Look no further than ability6®.

Skills Matrix

Unlock the true potential of your workforce and delight your customers. Produce your visual skills matrix today.

Capacity Planners

Accurately see the impact training can have on resource levels.

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