An admin panel that puts you in full control

With ability6® you’re in full control.  Whether it’s changing the competency key narrative, updating your regional settings, report output size, or the required fields that make up your workforce profiles.

We’ll help you get setup and provide first-class support.  Our aim is to ensure you are in full control of how you report your data.

Administration page of ability6
Define specific Red Amber Green (RAG) parameters.
Outline at what level you consider an individual fully competent. 3 = when they can complete the task to a defined quality/output level 4 = when they can complete to the desired output level and train others.
Show your skills matrix at a percentage level, or at an average (out of 4) level
Default skill level for new employees. 1 = expectation to be proficient in all tasks. 0 = expecation will be set manually (with some proficiencies / capabilities excluded).
How to ‘tag’ volume and complexity. At ‘task’ (granular), or ‘process’ (summary) level.
Select which matrix you would like to use. You can switch at any point.
Set capacity shrinkage level in percentage (recommend not exceeding 20%).
Manage regional options, such as report export layout, currency, timezone etc.
Define staff competency key. Pre-populated with default values which you can amend.
Manage entity names, some organisations will call Departments Functions, or Units etc. Change to reflect the language used in your company.
Add or remove additional workforce fields.

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