Asking your employees what their skill level is, provides more value than you might think.


Within the ability6® application there is an option for an individual to self-assess their own skill in addition to this being administered by the team or department leader.

Having team members self-assess their own skill, upon review by the team leaders can enable genuine alignment to the ‘definition of proficiencies’ as well as forcing conversations that ought to be addressed (I think I’m a level four, but you think I’m a level two – why?).

The self-assessment process is a quick and easy way for you to gain insights into the proficiency of your team.

How it works

  1. You meet with your team and outline the intricate characteristics of each skill level (e.g. what is meant by level 1,2,3,4)*
  2. You distribute the self-assessment either straight away or schedule for a point in the future.
  3. Your team members receive a one-time link, active for 48 hours in which to complete their self-assessment.
  4. You review the results, agreeing, amending, or disregarding the results
  5. Your skills matrix is now populated with the team skills data compiled from all self-assessments.


* Note. We provide you with a detailed proficiency template that you can adapt to your needs.

You can select one individual, a team, a department (collection of teams), a bespoke group as well as sending globally (to all).
This field will change based on your requirements to point 1.
Select whether the self-assessment is distributed immediately, or scheduled for a point in the future.
If not sending immediately, select the date and time of distribution.
Select the password required by the employee to access the ‘one-time’ self-assessment request.
Select to reset, or retain the employees skills proficiency if distributing the request to an individual that has previously been assessed.

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