With ability6® you’ll gain essential analytics to improve team capability & performance.

As an effective people manager, you understand the importance of using a skills matrix.  You’ve possibly created a matrix using Microsoft Excel.  We wouldn’t blame you, for a small team Excel is the perfect solution, we even offer a free matrix template here.

However, as you start to manage more teams, functions or you share your template with other team leaders you’ll start to run into the following problems.

  • Version Control – once you or your peers start to share the completed Excel files, it will be easy to lose sight of the latest version, causing confusion and wasting your precious time.
  • Broken formulas – as you start to expand the matrix, make changes, or share the templates, formulas can break resulting in incorrect scores / output analytics; resulting in an inability to accurately report on your team’s skills capability.
  • Key Man Dependencies – creating your own matrix in Excel typically depends on an individual having an advanced level of Excel proficiency. As Excel is so flexible there are many ways to create a matrix, therefore if the original author of the template leaves the company, its likely that the support for the matrix will cease, resulting in an inability to report on the real-time skills capabilities of your team(s).
  • Focus on the team, not the individual – Excel matrix solutions typically focus on a single team which means moving people from team to team is a timely process, that fails to keep a skills history of the individual.

We’re offering a FREE Excel makeover, that will make you a more effective people manager.

We’ll convert your Excel skills templates onto the cloud-based ability6® platform and provide you with free access to the application.

win a free microsoft excel skills matrix makeover from ability6 the worlds most advanced skills matrix improve team capability and performance

  • Easiest cloud-based skills matrix solution available
  • No coding, no formulas to build or maintain
  • No more version control issues
  • No more downtime as files are updated
  • Easily move people around your organisation, retaining a full history of individual and team skills capability
  • Real-time matrix solutions for all of your teams
  • Share analytics in real-time with all levels of your organisation
  • Remove internal ‘key-man dependencies’, ability6® provides support
  • Access your matrix anywhere, anytime on any internet enabled device

We understand that making the move can seem a little daunting, which is why we’ll help you migrate all of your Excel skills matrix templates in just 24 hours.  We’ll even throw in a free, one-month subscription along with your makeover.

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Don’t yet have a skills matrix?  Starting out with Excel is a great option, so if you’d prefer to stick with Excel then check out the completely free Excel template at https://freeskillsmatrix.com