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Manage your entire workforce appraisals through ability6

Workforce appraisals are an essential function within any organisation. Staff benefit from appraisals that are conducted at set, reoccurring periods and in which past performance is constructively discussed and documented. Furthermore, an appraisal provides the opportunity to collectively agree future development, objectives and proficiency targets prior to the next review.

Conducting regular appraisals is essential for workforce development and will demonstrate to your staff that you take their career and development seriously.

The ability6 appraisal platform intuitively feeds in proficiency ratings directly from the skills matrix as well as any quality control records captured in the period.

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View all reviews regardless of status, or filter by Due, Overdue or Future Dated
Upload an unlimited number of documents to support the skills audit
When conducting reviews you can perform complete reassessment of skills and conduct quality control checks (optional)
Visual indicators outline the reviews which are due or overdue
Rapidly add new reviews for your workforce. The workforce screen shows you who does not have a review set, prompting awareness.

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