September 13, 2017

Employee development entails improving your workforce’s skills in the current job and developing employees for future responsibilities in the organisation. Every employee is different, so it is important to create development plans that meet individual requirements for effective professional development.

Taking the time to work on employee development is a win-win situation for both the organisation and the employee. Trained employees are more motivated than untrained ones. These workers tend to perform better, while the company benefits from the consistent performance. Failure to properly develop employees may lead to a loss of talent. The four major areas that require employee development include supervisory skills, management, leadership and skills training.

Employee development plan

An employee development plan must be customised to ensure it fits the needs of the organisation while providing the employees with the opportunity and direction needed to advance their career.

First, a plan should consider the goals of the organisation. Before setting the objectives for the employees, the development plan should be in line with the organisation’s needs. It is vital to consider the company’s long-term and short-term needs and the skills required to meet the objectives.

In addition, it is useful to engage the employees through a face-to-face discussions to gain a better understanding of their career goals and skill levels. After determining the skills that each employee needs, create an action plan to show how the employees will achieve the set objectives.

Finally, after spending resources to help employees improve their skills, it is time to apply the new skills in the workplace and get the return on investment.

The benefits of developing a workforce instead of hiring include a reduction in employee turnover, an engaged and motivated workforce with high morale, a reduction in recruitment costs, and the acquisition of top talent.

In conclusion, employee development is a worthwhile endeavour that has multiple benefits for both the organisation and the individual worker. Ability4 offers a system that can help reduce these costs using a programme that enhances efficiency by developing consistent talent and reward strategies.

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