Business Owner or People Manager?? Do you have a clear, documented overview of the skills that SHOULD exist and DO exist within your business?  hmm… Thought not!

As millions (possibly billions) of workers globally wake up each morning, grab a coffee and then proceed to work from their sofa, many organisations around the world have been left exposed and at risk due to a lack of visibility in relation to WHO CAN DO WHAT?

PRE-COVID19 business owners and team managers could operate day-to-day based on gut… “I know who does what and how to allocate work”. Doesn’t quite go to plan when you are all working remotely, or when the team manager is unavailable… does it! It’s negatively impacting your people, your business and your bottom line!

Organisations that implemented capability frameworks prior to COVID19 have, to a strong degree mitigated this risk. Using tools like a skills matrix, current and ‘newly’ appointed people managers have a starter for 10 and can not only allocate work accordingly, they can even implement effective training plans.  Furthermore, organisations that have taken prudent steps to prioritise skills mapping will emerge from this crisis better prepared and capable to deal with the ‘new normal’.


If you want to prepare your organisation, or team to emerge from COVID19 stronger, you need to do the following (NOW, not LATER):

  • Understand the specific skills capabilities your organisation requires per team, or process.
  • Have a clear, unambiguous capability rating method to map individual’s skill level to skill capability requirements.
  • Consider what ‘Procedural, Policy and Skill’ changes are likely to exists in an early-post-COVID19 world (consider movement of people and physical items of work within your business, interactions with your customers, engagement with other regions/countries, acceptance of cash vs. digital – the list goes on and on)… Consider how you train your staff NOW for these upcoming changes whilst you are still working remotely. Remember also that Furloughed workers, whilst not able to work, are permitted to complete training sessions, so engage with your teams now!
  • Set clear upskill and training targets so that everyone in organisation can visualise and participate in future proofing the company.


In order to achieve this level of control and insight, you need a method and a system.  This is where ability6® will help. We can help you to facilitate:

  • Gathering your core data (people, skills capability)
  • Help to develop a policy for consistent, capability scoring
  • Define capability policies, targets, minimum training thresholds
  • Intuitively help you track how improvements in capability directly improve business capacity
  • Provide a plethora of business intelligence to help every level of the organisation understand how their contribution helps.
  • and much, much more…

We can help you to create visual ‘skills heat maps’ like the one below in matter of hours.  Ask yourself how useful it would be to have a clear, real-time view of skill at the Individual, team, department and company level?

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BOOK A 1 HOUR WEBEX TODAY – email, with the subject line DEMO. We’ll then reach out to you. As a result, you’ll know how to improve team capability which will result in improved team performance.

Don’t have an hour? I don’t believe you! However, if you want to gauge a feel for the power of the ability6 capability framework, check out this 13minute video:

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