June 18, 2018

Understanding where the necessary skills are within your business is, as I’m sure you would agree, up there with the most important managerial tasks.

Effective training and development has proven time and time again to improve customer satisfaction, employee engagement and profitability; amongst many other factors.

Knowing how to rate / score your people against their level of proficiency is where a lot of people become stuck.

We’ve spent the last three decades maturing our scoring system, so you can take comfort in knowing it is well thought through, tested and proven.

We use a skills matrix to cross reference your people to the tasks they undertake. The following scoring system is then overlayed:

0 = No Current Proficiency Requirement

1 = Required Proficiency | No Current Competency

2 = Required Proficiency | Partial Competency Level

3 = Required Proficiency | Good Competency Level

4 = Required Proficiency | Advanced/Trainer Competency Level

5 = Strategic Influence/Power

By then further overlaying a colour rating from red (in training) through to green (fully proficient), you can use the skills matrix as a one page heat map to instantly and visibly identify risks and opportunities.

With the ability6 solution you can quickly generate skills matrices similar to the below:

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